About Me

I am a Midwest girl (born in St. Louis) that found herself growing up in Boston, Massachusetts, attending college in Auburn, Alabama and kicking off a career in Austin, Texas. My family has spent the longest amount of time in Indianapolis, Indiana. Even though I plan to never move back to the corn state, I call Indy home. 

Growing up around the country has made me an adventurous human with no fear of new places. I dream of seeing the world and finding what truly makes my soul happy. 

I am the oldest of two sisters, and I think my natural instinct is to constantly give advice. So although Call Me Bold isn't an advice column, I hope it helps someone grow and discover. 

With only a few years in the "real world," I have gone through trials and triumphs trying to find myself while navigating through adulthood. Call Me Bold is here to help tell my tail and chronicle life after college. 

I think anyone that puts her (or his) life story on the Internet is bold, so whether you love, like or hate it at least Call Me Bold. So stay tuned, we may have one or two things in common.